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"This Is Toby"


Murdered By The police in Palma De Mallorca

Tobias White-Sansom

Tobias (Toby) White-Sansom is a loving father to two young girls aged 1 and 4. He is a kind-
hearted, hardworking dad with a large family and countless friends.

On the evening of Monday 25th July 2022 he was chaperoning younger members of his
family into Magaluf in Palma de Mallorca, after attending a family meal. That evening they
decided to visit Boomerang nightclub in Magaluf.


While enjoying the evening he had decided to remove his T-Shirt due to the summer heat.


Toby lost his life because of this! 


Monday July 25th 2022

Initial Incident: The Club Security

Toby had exited the club to put his young Nephew into a taxi home and went back inside to the VIP area where he had come from and left his T-Shirt. He was deciding to leave the club himself and went to the bar with his partner to have a final drink and wait to collect his T-Shirt. He had to wait because he was told that they removed his belongings from the VIP section.


This is when he was initially approached by a group of bouncers working at the Boomerang club. They didn't pause to ask why he was topless, they didn't stop to consider that he was waiting for his shirt to be brought to him, they just attacked him from behind while at the bar. Pinning him on the floor and removing his jewellery while placing it in their pockets. He was assaulted by several members of the Boomerang nightclub staff and in total 8 members of staff took their turns in beating him and restraining him with unnecessary force. At one point witnesses claim they even removed his shoes and were stamping on his feet. These untrained security personnel additionally handcuffed him while they were sitting on him, kicking him.


Several of the staff are reported (13 eyewitness reports have been made and a total of 56 videos recorded on people’s phones) to have been stamping on his head and neck, restraining his chest, subsequently making Toby unable to breathe. Toby was panicking for his life! There are videos from witnesses at the club to confirm these actions. He was defenseless to such a large number of security guards holding him down, sitting on him, beating him, kicking him and ultimately contributing to his impending death. The video footage shows two individuals that are primarily responsible for the strangulation, suppression of breath and head trauma that Toby had suffered while inside the club. They were with their knees on his neck, head, back and chest. During this time, we have footage that has come forward of the security staff being pleaded with by Tobys partner to get off him because they are killing him. His partner can be clearly heard screaming “Get off of him, he is bleeding out, can’t you see you’re hurting him, he hasn’t done anything wrong, Youre killing him” several times, over and over. While being consistently ignored.


The video shows the security team taking him from the main floor of the club through to some stairwell; he collapses here and is given further beatings. Proceeding through the footage we see they lifted him further towards the exit of the club and here in another platform between stairs, Toby musters some energy to try and fight back, kicking out to get free from the grasp of this murderous security team. He was unsuccessful and it is here they gave him his final beating knocking him totally unconscious.


A worker from the club sent a message about the incident quoting “Its horrible how this has happened literally 2 days before I was telling the manager he needs to control the security I know one of them didn’t come in the next day which is very strange that he was suddenly ill”


What happens next will be the last moments for tobias.

Secondary Incident: The Police

In a usual situation, one would imagine that an unconscious man having been beaten severely by security staff and at the exit of a club would then be handed over to the authorities for processing the entire situation. The authorities that are there to protect the people of Mallorca. In this case, Toby was handed over to an officer with a clear hatred for justice, peace and protection.

He and his peers proceeded to completely violate the human rights of Toby.
Again, Footage obtained from people that were at the scene, we can see Toby being carried out, defenseless and without any consciousness. He was thrown to the floor by one police officer before being tasered by them and further unnecessary force being applied. Toby was sat on, kneeled on, punched, kicked and handcuffed with a second pair of cuffs!

Is it during this time, under police “Protection” that Toby first lost his life. The footage and reports show officers sitting and kneeling on him while they injected Toby with rounds of multiple rounds of tranquillizers that caused him to go into Cardiac Arrest not once, but twice! Eye-witnesses report that they were abusing him while he was unconscious.


The video footage gained so far pauses here. People outside the club were being forcefully removed and having their devices broken by the officers that assulted Toby.

The next footage that we have was taken by a very concerned resident from their balcony. This shows an almost empty street. Evidence that the time had elapsed significantly between this video and the last with police pinning him on the floor. The club had stopped, and people were moved on. Somewhere between those videos, Toby was killed by the officers in charge of him as the footage now resumes with them attempting to resuscitate him AFTER the ambulance workers had already given up trying. The reports and accompanying footage show that they tried to resuscitate him for 16 mins. The actions of guilt.


The ambulance staff had originally tried to resuscitate him following the 2 cardiac arrests and concluded that he had passed away at the scene. The police responsible for his death, knowing the severity of their forceful actions, took over and began trying to resuscitate him successfully getting his heart going again, yet leaving Toby in a coma.

There was soon to be a life support machine.


this is where we lost toby


The following 3 days, the family were denied access to him. This time was critical as he was showing signs of brain activity. By the time a specialist from the USA had arrived (at the appointment of family members) and access was granted, all brain activity had come to a stop. It has been shown that the regular CAT scans and spinal monitoring that should have ensued had been neglected during this period and contributed to the early passing of Toby.


The brutal actions committed on Tobias by the security staff of the Boomerang nightclub, the following assault by the police officers that had attended the scene and the sheer incompetence of the ambulance crew and hospital over 52 minutes meant that on the 31st July 2022 we, his family and friends had to make the hard decision to turn off his life support machines and finally let Toby rest.


Severe beatings by out-of-control security staff, Spanish Police brutality and incompetent health workers. Magaluf is murdering its British tourists, and this is consistently being covered up. The hospital is trying to report that the incident was only 2 minutes long and yet the video evidence clearly disputes this. Do the Spanish notoriously hate British tourists? Would the police have treated him differently should it have been a Spanish person? This is not the first case like this!


We are fighting with our embassy to have Toby’s body returned to the UK for further examination and the involvement of a British law firm to oversee this case. They are making it impossible for us to bring his body home.


We need exposure for this incident to shed light on the coverup that the authorities in Mallorca are attempting. They tried to ban the local media from covering this story Do not be silenced. Help us in our fight.


Read the official medical report HERE: MEDICAL REPORT




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"This Is Toby"

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